My blog TODO

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Shame!

I have had ideas for blogs, but no time to do them. Here’s a short list for posterity and future development:

  • Federated PaaS (for the People): Giving people the option to move away from SaaS to federated, open source mini web apps hosted on a swarm of peers.
  • Designing New Economic Models with Social Gaming
  • Internal Contracting/Tendering Software: Big companies need a system for encouraging in-sourcing across departments and divisions. Things get contracted out when there are spare cycles in other parts of the organization.
  • Siri in the Cloud: An AI agent for managing my online assets/data/presence.
  • Some post about continuous deployment.

Hopefully, putting these ideas up in public without any supporting information will bug me, and I’ll knock them off one by one. Consider this my personal halfbakery.

Published: March 15 2013

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