Trying out Jenkins

Another “meta” post I’m afraid. That is, I’m blogging for the purpose of trying out something new with stackato. In this case, continuously deploying it to Stackato using Jenkins. Let’s see how it goes. :)

I’m basically just making little changes to this particular post, then committing those changes to Github. This in turn triggers a Jenkins build process via the Git plugin which deploys the Jekyll site to Stackato with a unique URL. Additionally we can map the ‘’ URL to one or more of these builds. If you refresh this page on the ‘’ URL, you should see various versions of it at random because each version is added to a load balanced pool.

We’ll consider the “production” URL for this blog to be ‘’ (without the ‘blog’ subdomain) which is set in the Stackato Management Console or with the ‘stackato’ client. You can likewise add numerous releases into that pool, but it’s also done manually.

Published: May 14 2013